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Things About Koi Fish that You Didn’t Know About Before

There are many interesting fish species one of them being the Koi fish that we will be discussing today. The Koi fish are known to have come originally from Japan where they were seen as a symbol of love and friendship in the Japanese culture. Today, Koi fish have put in water gardens or ponds for decorative purposes in the homes of their owners. The reason as to why crayfish are very famous is because of the beautiful colors that they have on their bodies which have been created through selective breeding.

When it comes to the number of varieties that are available of Koi fish you will be surprised that there are more than 20 of them. This is due to the fact that more and more varieties of Koi fish had been developed across the world even at this moment. The color, patterns, and type of scales that are observed in Koi fish are majorly influenced by the variety that they are being. One of the things about Koi fish that are interesting to know about is the lifespan that these fish have which is estimated at around 30 to 60 years. Nonetheless, some Koi fish have been known to live to up to 200 years which when compared to the lifespan that is allocated to them is quite long. A good example of such a fish is one legendary Koi fish that was named Hanako and was recorded to be the oldest Koi fish which lived up to 226 years.

The environment that Koi fish is brought up in, the food that is fed to them and their genetics are some of the key factors which influence the size to which they can grow to. To illustrate this point a good example would be a Koi fish that was put in a small pond with poor water quality and was unable to grow bigger than 14 inches.

It is also important for you to learn how Koi fish get the colors that they have. The major colors of Koi fish include white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream. Since the color that Koi fish have is influenced by their variety you can use this factor to determine which variety of Koi fish you have.

One more thing that you need to learn about Koi fish is about their sensitivity to the sun. If you keep them in water ponds that do not have enough shade then they’ll get sunburns. Today, if you’d like to own a Koi fish it is possible to buy them because there are many that are on sale. To get the best deal for Koi fish on the Internet check out this link.

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